FD.STUDIO is the design division of Fritz deutschlanD, a multidisciplinary arts-culture-design cooperative, originally founded in Frankfurt, Germany.

we are a full service design consultancy for interior architecture, operating in the fields of corporate workplaces / branded environments / hospitality / furniture design & production.

based in Shanghai, China – linked back to Germany and networked globally – we offer design & management services to lead projects from initial brief to turn-key completion.


2018 marks the 30th anniversary birthday of Fritz deutschlanD (and the 10th anniversary of FD.STUDIO).

Fritz deutschlanD was born in the heart of Frankfurt, Germany in 1988 – being conceived as an open and collaborative commune of likeminded artists, designers, architects & craftsmen – to do nice things, and to have some fun…

during the course of its now 30 active years – as the art & design work of Fritz deutschlanD evolved and diversified – it was divided into the interior design activities of the [Fritz deutschlanD GmbH] (a registered ltd. company) and the cultural activities of the [Fritz deutschlanD e.V.] (a registered association) – to provide the ability to be more focused on their respective fields.

the [Fritz deutschlanD GmbH] has since retired, and in its wake, FD.STUDIO was born in the heart of Shanghai, China in 2008 – and continues to work in the collaborative spirit of the founding days – doing nice things and having some fun… – in China, in Germany, and around the world…


Fritz deutschlanD e.V.
their activities encompass anything from art to culture to design and everything inbetween
>> Fritz deutschlanD e.V. (german language)

loop architects
ally & collaborator in all things large scale…
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